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Other Specialties

Sexual Abuse

The insidiousness of this crime is how its emotional impact lives on far beyond the actual event.  Decades later, victims are still dealing with feelings of shame and guilt.  Sometimes, it's conscious; often, it subconsciously manifests itself through self-destructive behavior, unhealthy relationships, or even the inability to have a relationship at all.

In my office, you will dictate the pace of your healing.  I will follow your lead, creating a protective and nurturing space for you to work through this painful part of your past.  There is something amazing on the other side: a time when you will rightfully free yourself of responsibility, and lovingly reconnect with the sweet, innocent little girl or boy, who didn't deserve what happened.


You swore you'd never raise your kids the way your parents did, but one day you hear yourself talking and realize you've become your parents.  Or maybe you've been successful at avoiding their mistakes, only to realize you're making different ones.  Rest easy:  it's called being a parent.  You're not expected to be--nor is it possible to be--perfect.  

Sometimes your child will have a problem that is intrinsically theirs and diagnosable.  More often than not, my experience has shown that children are acting out a conflict that is symptomatic of a larger family problem; which is why I prefer to begin by interviewing you, whether you're a single mom or dad, married parents or cohabitating partners raising children together.  I will take a complete history in an effort to understand the family system.   Afterwards, we can collaborate on what will be in the best interest of your child.  It may be seeing him or her alone; it may be a couples issue, or conjoint family therapy may be indicated.  

The Senior Years

They're often referred to as "the golden years", so why are you feeling less than "golden"?  Health concerns, strained family relationships, loss of loved ones, and loneliness are just some of the challenges we face as we age, impeding the opportunity to grow old gracefully and enjoy the retirement years.

It's never too late to talk about these and other concerns, and it can even take place in the comfort of your own home: I am available for house-calls, in addition to visiting my Encino office.   I invite you to come and explore how to manage life's challenges, reframe outdated thinking, and incorporate mindfulness into your daily life. 

It's not the last chapter; it's simply a new one.

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